In The Speaker Advantage workshop, you will learn how to organize your information and deliver it in a way that keeps your audiences attention. You will learn how to use a variety of visual aids as your training tool – slides, flip chart, whiteboard, electronic board, handouts, props and the “real thing.” You will learn how to use effective body language when delivering your talk/training session. Finally, you will practice several times to integrate the skills. Transferring your knowledge with these skills will help your audience retain the information with eagerness to incorporate it.

   Design and organize a short talk or lesson plan
   Effectively use visual aids
   Give clear software demos
   Incorporate style that commands attention and retention
   Handle questions
   AND you will have many opportunities to practice these skills!

Subject Matter Experts, Trainer’s, Facilitators, Managers and Conference Speakers who need to organize and polish their presentations

Personal Coaching Sessions and detailed outlines are available upon request –

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