Business Issue
Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medical Center went go-live with their SAP implementation January 1, 2007. Before they could go-live with the SAP business solutions software, 11,000 Johns Hopkins employees had to be taught how to use it.

Abbott Communications The Tech Trainer's Advantage Workshop provided the train the trainer portion of the project. Abbott taught 50 Johns Hopkins subject matter experts how to deliver the SAP training during multiple week sessions. Those subject matter experts in turn became the SAP trainers that prepared the employees how to do their job using this incredible new tool.



Kevin M. Kobylski, Project Manager, Johns Hopkins

“I want to thank you again for doing such a great job training our subject matter experts how to teach. The feedback has been entirely positive, which is a very rare thing here. During the four weeks that you have been training our instructors, I haven't heard one critical comment. In fact, all I have heard is praise. I want to thank you for that.