Business Issue
Leads on the manufacturing floor are continually training employees how the manufacturing process works, how equipment works, and how to work safely. They are training in a noisy environment, one-on-one and usually “on the fly.” They are not trainers by profession. How does the Lead transfer knowledge effectively in this environment and in this time frame?

Leads who have training skills will transfer their knowledge more effectively. Better training will improve productivity.



Tiffany Greene, Training Manager, Teradyne

“The Tech Trainer’s Advantage program has allowed our participants to come away with an increased level of skill and confidence in their ability to prepare, facilitate, conduct, and deliver effective training. As a result, we as a company benefit from the increased knowledge and understanding that comes from better training programs and their delivery. It's also improved the depth of available trainers in many subject areas from manufacturing, personal computers, software programs, and skills required to remain competitive in an increasingly complex and global market. Thank you, Katherine, for getting momentum around this important business skill!”