In order to do business people in corporate America spend many hours in meetings; these can be over the web, face to face or video conference. There may be no facilitator, or the facilitator does not have adequate skills to run an efficient meeting.

Our approach is to help participants learn how to manage a meeting more effectively, set expectations for the appropriate results, drive the meeting for those results and manage participants and time. Through learning new skills and several practice sessions the participant will learn what works well for them and what could work better.

   Articulate what facilitation means
   Arrange the room , environment and logistics
   Plan the meeting
   Understand your audience
   Question, listen acutely
   Handle group dynamics
   Handle questions, hostile questions & non-questions
   Give critical feedback
   Get commitment, assign tasks and create action plans
   Facilitate a senior management group
   Facilitate a multi-cultural group
   AND you will have many opportunities to practice these skills!

Anyone who leads meetings.

Personal Coaching Sessions and detailed outlines are available upon request –

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