Charis Intercultural Training Corporation
provides customized intercultural communication training and organization development consulting services.

Charis partners with multicultural and global organizations to successfully lead and manage a global workforce. Clients learn to interface effectively with virtual teams, customers and suppliers at international sites through Charis’ global business programs for over 25 countries. Charis prepares expatriate employees and their families for integration in overseas assignments. For U.S. multicultural organizations, Charis builds culturally-strategic customer service skills that convey respect and build trust with ethnic markets. 

We invite you to take a look at our portfolio of services to meet your needs in Global Business, Relocation, Multicultural Diversity or Organization Development.

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BET&C is a group of highly qualified and experienced management trainers and consultants based in Germany - who provide practical business solutions to their internationally-active clients. They offer a wide range of training and consulting services - all with an intercultural component - to companies that wish to design and implemet high-performance work systems for competing in the international business arena. That wide range of competencies enables them to sit down with their clients and together analyze and design a creative solution that specifically meets their needs.
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