High Quality
Katherine believes in delivering a superior value through thorough preparation, practice and professional delivery.

We have fun!
We believe if participants are having fun, they are learning. We teach serious material in a way that often transforms them. When participants feel good about themselves, they become change agents for whatever they are doing.

Real World Experience
Katherine and her staff have trained over 100,000 subject matter experts during 25 years in the training business. Our workshop content and coaching expertise are based on fact, not theory. Katherine’s training knowledge is broadly based  because she has been a technical trainer, as well as a soft skills trainer in business and in education.

We are very flexible. Katherine will modify the training and coaching to fit your needs. You may mix and match our workshop topics, mix and match formats (workshop + coaching), (in person + remote) and choose the timeframe and class size.

Leading Edge
We continually upgrade our services based on the newest research in Adult Learning Theory. We attend conferences, seminars, and Webinars to keep our skills sharp.

No “hit and run” Training
We do not do “hit and run” training. Katherine will meet with you before the event to learn more about your industry and your participants. We modify the training to fit your industry and we have an “open door” policy after the event. Any graduate of our programs may contact Katherine with questions and concerns about the topic, indefinitely.

Role Model
We practice what we preach. We teach by example. It is our goal to model the skills as we teach them. The participant watches the trainer, sees what works, hears what works, discusses what works, and practices what works.

Any Industry in Any Setting
We teach skills that are appropriate to any industry. We teach subject matter experts who communicate in a variety of settings: formal classroom, conference, one-on-one, on the job, clean rooms, manufacturing environments and the Web.

Interactive Training
Adults learn by doing. We use the facilitative method of teaching, so participants are involved throughout the session in discussions, individual and small group activities, reviews, and demonstrations. We give the participants various opportunities to practice what we teach.

High Ratings
Our services consistently receive high scores. We average 9.5 out of 10 on our evaluations, and once our clients see the results of our work, they ask us back regularly.

Personal Coaching
Our private coaching sessions allow time for the participant to integrate the skills learned in the workshops. This is time for the participant to view their work and get invaluable feedback from the instructor, as well as additional time to practice.

Executive Coaching
This goes beyond speech coaching. This is a private coaching session for the executive. We work on issues the client chooses. Most of our clients want to move to the next level of the organization and something is holding them back. We work on that “something.”

Long term relationships
We are easy to deal with and develop close, long-term relationships with our clients.