The Tech Trainer's Advantage  workshop, covers the same skills as The Trainer's Advantage with additional information about handling equipment, managing the participants, using the appropriate room layout, working with computers, and making dry material come alive, etc.

Many of our participants work in a manufacturing environment where they make, test, and reduce computer chips; create drugs; and chemically wash equipment. Many of these workers train in a clean room, an environment with specific training challenges which we address in this workshop.

   Prepare the training session
   Understand various learning styles
   Convey technical concepts
   Use visual aids effectively
   Give effective demos
   Handle the equipment
   Engage the participants
   Facilitate easily a group discussion
   Deal with class management issues
   Develop ways to reinforce the learning
   Understand your role as a technical trainer
   Feel more confident teaching your expertise
  AND you will have many opportunities to practice these skills!

Technical Subject Matter Experts who wish to learn how to teach more effectively their area of expertise.

Personal Coaching Sessions and detailed outlines are available upon request –

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